Popped Culture #1

Tom Hishon
(Orphans Kitchen)
Carter Were
(Were Bros) 


The first Popped Culture saw the talents of chef Tom Hishon of Orphans Kitchen, bringing some of his favourite toast toppings to the table, served on organic seeded sourdough from Carter Were.

The top floor of the soon to be renovated SKHY Apartments in Khyber pass, provided truly unique location and amazing views for those who attended. 

17th - 19th September, 2015

SKHY Apartments
44 Khyber Pass Road
Grafton, Auckland


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 Skip breakfast at home and come join us at our table. While you’re waking up, we'll pop the toast, lay down a spread and pour the coffee with a few of our good friends. 

Let us set you right for the day.