Popped Culture Lite

Orphans Kitchen
+ Fix & Fogg

Auckland Coffee Festival
4th March
Shed 10
Queens Wharf


For this year’s Auckland Coffee Festival, we decided to put on a Lite version of Popped Culture. It’s a beloved event in Auckland now and we couldn’t pass up the chance to catch up with our customers over some coffee and toast.

This time we asked back Tom Hishon, of Orphans Kitchen to help us deliver the toast. Orphans Kitchen is known for their love of foods pulled from nature, sprouted things and fermented flavours, and of course, that rooftop honey. Tom baked a sprouted lentil loaf, topped it with Fix & Fogg’s Smoke and Fire peanut butter and a helping of Orphans’ carrot kimchi. On the day, despite this Popped Culture promising only a “Lite” single serve, we also had a secret order of Fix & Fogg’s chocolate peanut butter topped with a crumble of cacao nib, coconut nectar and honey on offer as well. Fix & Fogg are Wellington based makers of fine peanut butter, we were stoked they joined us for Popped Lite. When it came to the coffee, we poured our new Limited Filter blend.

On the day, we were in our element among the industrial toasters and jerry cans of filter coffee. We sold merch, got blisters from much jerry can tap-turning, and talked some coffee talk with the punters. It was great to see you guys again. Check out some photos below.


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 Skip breakfast at home and come join us at our table. While you’re waking up, we'll pop the toast, lay down a spread and pour the coffee with a few of our good friends. 

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