Toast Master
Douglas Johns
Wellington, New Zealand

Designer at Coffee Supreme

What do you do?

I work as the design guy for Coffee Supreme. 

What does your breakfast routine look like?

My alarm clock is a 5 year old. So i get up when she gets up. First thing I'll do is fill the kettle and get it on the boil. I drink a Chemex at home, so I'll get that set up and and get the toaster out. Hit the shower and the head off to work.

Whats your favourite toast that you're sharing with us now?

Ever since doing some brand work for Catherine Adams and Wellington Sourdough, I've bee loving her No 04 Sultana Loaf sourdough. Its packed with goods and all I do is drown it in butter. 

What kind of toaster do you rock?

I have two slice Sunbeam. 

If you could have anyone in the world make you coffee and toast, who would it be?

Maybe Aziz Ansari. It wouldn't really matter what he served me because he'd make it funny.